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Any organisation that records data or communications can find their lives made easier by Nxtera

Solutions By Industry

Our market-leading products Parity, Proof, Reflect and Retrieve can be used independently or as a packaged solution for Financial Services, Contact Centres and Media Broadcasters, and any other businesses for whom recording of data and communications is mission critical.

Financial Services

These days, with personal responsibility coming into play for senior managers and fines increasing exponentially, ensuring your voice and data recording is reliable, consistent and accessible is vital.

What our products offer Financial Services


Acts as your team of local virtual engineers. It ensures all mission critical systems are running and ready for start of day business and automatically does everything to a schedule set by you – no button needs to be pressed. It offers richer, more accurate testing, more frequently.


Ensures that all calls that hit your environment are recorded, and monitors whether they should have been recorded according to policy automatically, 24/7. As soon as there’s a fail, you hear about it straight away so any traders using that channel can be promptly moved to another channel. Parity allows much faster proactive notification to the authorities, and therefore can protect you from potential regulatory breaches and fines.


Ensures that the quality of recording is high enough, all the time. Combined with Proof and Parity, you can be sure that everything that needs to be is recorded properly, monitored properly, and in a state ready to be provided as evidence if needed. If there are any fails, you’ll be informed instantly.


Helps you get hold of that information when you need it for legal investigations, voice analytics or trade reconstruction projects. Even on old, degrading hardware Retrieve can automatically pull data and store it again in a format that allows fast compliance with any legal or regulatory requests. The manual effort to move this data to more up-to-date storage systems is huge, and usually ends up needing 7-10% rework, so Retrieve can reduce operational cost while improving compliance. It’s faster, more accurate and cost effective.

Contact Centres

When customers call you, they expect a smooth journey to a solution or agent. Any problems can negatively affect your image and even lose you business. At Nxtera, our solutions can automatically make sure your systems are working exactly as they should.

What our products offer contact centres...


Gives you visibility over the functionality of your contact centres so you can be sure the user journey is working properly. It tests, to a schedule set by you, to ensure every checkpoint and menu works properly and leads the customer to where they need to go.


Ensures that all calls that need to be recorded are. At all times. So if you need to access recordings for staff performance analysis, or for producing evidence, you can be sure anything you need will be there. Most importantly, it will detect immediately if there is a recording failure, and point you to when and where it happened.


Automatically tests the quality of recording to make sure it is high enough for your purposes, all the time.


Helps you get hold of any current, future or historical recordings. Even if a recording was made 10 years ago on degrading hardware , Retrieve can process it and get it in an appropriate format, automatically. Retrieve can also be used to transition recorded calls from one voice recording manufacturer to another.


Consumers are accessing your content in more ways than ever. Online streaming, on-demand viewing and multiple devices have increased the complexity of broadcasting quality assurance 10-fold.

What our products offer the media...


Monitors your broadcasts to give you visibility over what is going out, and whether it is ready for the channels it will be viewed on. It updates constantly, so you can be sure the customer experience is at the level it should be.


Makes sure that broadcasts are in the correct format, aspect ratio and cut in the right places for how and where it will be viewed.


Watches each broadcast as a human would, to ensure consistent quality and confirm that there are no errors in video or audio. Rather than just use scoring packets, we actually play the content to test the human experience.

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