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Delivering the World’s Leading Voice Compliance Assurance Platform

Posted 09/02/17

CCOs have a challenging time ahead. Industry media is awash with stories about new responsibilities and penalties for failing to take compliance seriously. We have all heard the horror stories and increasing fines for even smaller indiscretions. January 2018 is less than a year away and many compliance teams are still searching for solutions to protect their organisations.

Deloitte defined the four roles that CCOs and compliance teams broadly need to cover:

– Steward – Identifying compliance processes, controls and tools

– Risk Managers – directing compliance risk

– Strategist – compliance leadership

– Communicators – promoting a culture of compliance and integrity

The good news is that compliance tool-sets have matured to effectively address these roles, from identifying risk, to identifying compliance issues quickly and accurately with automated processes that are resource light and cost effective.

The challenge is most compliance tools do not apply to voice communications. Although most compliance tools address some of the FIX and electronic communications requirements, they do not carry over into the voice world, leaving a gap in the controls, evidence and reporting.

Nxtera’s Compliance Automation Suite delivers a mature effective set of service assurance tools specifically designed to govern compliance initiatives by validating compliance processes against the voice environment, identifying potential compliance breaches before they become problems and ensuring compliance policies are applied and managed across the voice estate.

Automation enables compliance steerage and leadership to be rapidly applied to diverse environments accurately and consistently across a global estate.

Real-time compliance dashboards quickly identify areas of risk and non-compliance that can then be prioritised and communicated to policy and engineering teams, keeping everyone aligned and informed. The behavioural data collected can be easily analysed and reported to drive future business strategy and communicate it throughout the organisation.

Nxtera Compliance Automation is helping institutions from the world’s largest banks and contact centres, to the smaller focused trade floors cope with compliance requirements, support the CCO initiatives and turn a legislative burden into a business advantage.

Andrew Lamb, Managing Director, Nxtera Ltd.

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