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Nxtera are proud to Introduce our new Examine Feature for File Retention Checks within Parity 3.2

Posted 05/12/16

Since inception and for the last 2 years, Nxtera’s parity has checked in near real-time that all calls are being recorded and that they are recorded within compliance policies set out by Banks and Contact Centres.

Now with Parity 3.2, again based on the latest nTelligence framework, Nxtera are very proud to announce that functionality has been extended, with Nxtera Examine, to cover recording retention and statistical analysis.

Feature benefits include:

Intelligence Analysis

Parity 3.2 takes advantage of the new ‘Asset platform’, which understands the relationships between, users, lines and devices, so that missing calls, busy users, unused lines and unusual behaviour can be detected and alarmed upon.

Asset functionality provides live screens and reports from the dedicated ‘compliance dashboard’ to serve key usage information, based on who (users) and what(transactions) as well as just where(devices).

File Retention Policies

The policy checker has been expanded to include retention rules from common voice recorders via the policy import or policy builder function, which can calculate the expected retention policy for each call, and display this on a dashboard.

Further to this, a percentage of call records can be retained, and empirical checks performed at regular intervals to make sure that the various retention policies are being adhered to, with critical alarming when breaches are detected.

If historical CDR records have been retained by tooling such as billing engines (i.e. Proteus), Parity’s engine can be run retrospectively against old calls to ensure that retention have been adhered to even prior to the date that Parity was installed.

Enhanced Usability

Parity 3.2 uses ‘super agents’ to add horizontal scaling to an already highly scalable product. The interface has been enhanced to allow search filters, field obfuscation and historical trending.


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