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Nxtera Announce the new Asset Aware capability within Nxtera Automation Suite 3.2

Posted 13/09/16

Focusing on Users

Compliance teams work with people and policies, not with servers and services. That’s the message that Nxtera were given and have been working with for the past 12 months.

Not all compliance problems are down to a faulty component, or even miss-configured services, some are down to behaviour and usage. Nxtera understands this and have been expanding their suite of tooling to address these issues.


Nxtera’s tooling understands what is being tested and monitored, it understands not only the impact of any issue on any individual service, but also the relationships between services and knock on effects.

This market leading technology is down to Nxtera’s Asset Model which was released in version 3.0 back in the spring. Nxtera are excited to announce new functionality in 3.2 that takes advantage of this understanding to provide compliance teams specific information, providing real-time reporting on key areas such as missing recordings, are users logged in correctly and Moves Adds and Changes.

Asset Aware brings together the extensive assurance capabilities of Proof, Parity, Reflect and Retrieve providing unrivalled compliance assurance automation, reporting and audit services to financial organisations.

The ability, on a global scale, to automatically –

Check all vendor systems are fit at the start of each day

Confirm that all devices, call recording channels and voice recorders are recording to an audible quality

Police calls in near-real time and alert as soon as a call is lost or mis-recorded against policy

Extract all calls without the need for manual input using a lawfully defensible methodology

Asset awareness provides a deeper more comprehensive understanding to not only how compliant systems and records are but also begin to police the compliance of ‘user behaviour’.



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