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TradingTech Awards Europe 2019: Support Verint with Your Vote!

Posted 12/12/18

The TradingTech Awards – Europe are given out annually by A-Team Insight to recognise ...

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Next Generation Technology Service Providers Deliver World Class Compliance & Risk Management

Posted 15/01/18

As business more readily adopts cloud based applications, more companies are realising the...

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“Market Communications” and “Nxtera” Provide Compliance Without Compromise

Posted 11/10/17

Market Communications, a leader in supporting mission critical technology solutions for th...

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The Business Case for Regulatory Compliance Technology

Posted 18/07/17

Compliance technology spend projection is estimated to be $72 billion by 2019.  It’s a ...

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The top 4 MiFID II call recording myths, debunked.

Posted 22/06/17

Nxtera solves voice recording technology, process and policy challenges with automation so...

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Boost Engineering and Compliance Outcomes via Automation

Posted 13/06/17

Recently British Airways (BA) experienced a widespread failure of its IT system that disru...

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Introducing Verify

Posted 07/06/17

Automated Certainty   Benjamin Franklin is attributed with the statement that “in t...

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The Nine Month Countdown to the Implementation of MIFID II

Posted 04/04/17

Like an impending birth, MIFID II is expected to transform the financial markets and, like...

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Structuring Voice for Trade Reconstruction and Business Analytics

Posted 20/03/17

Advancements in the regulatory spectrum are being implemented to improve transparency as w...

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Delivering the World’s Leading Voice Compliance Assurance Platform

Posted 09/02/17

CCOs have a challenging time ahead. Industry media is awash with stories about new respons...

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The Monitoring Jigsaw

Posted 06/12/16

Get a Complete Picture with all the Pieces. Jigsaw puzzles begin as a fun team event, espe...

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Nxtera are proud to Introduce our new Examine Feature for File Retention Checks within Parity 3.2

Posted 05/12/16

Since inception and for the last 2 years, Nxtera’s parity has checked in near real-time ...

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Nxtera & Doran Jones Enter Strategic Partnership to Help Firms Manage Risk

Posted 25/10/16

Solving compliance and business risk and improving operational quality. Nxtera, a global R...

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Nxtera Announce the new Asset Aware capability within Nxtera Automation Suite 3.2

Posted 13/09/16

Focusing on Users Compliance teams work with people and policies, not with servers and ser...

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Nxtera and Citycom Team Up to Help Financial Firms Tackle Compliance and Conduct Risk (Integrated Automated Tooling Improves Regulatory and Business Trust)

Posted 06/07/16

Nxtera, a global RegTech company delivering agile software solutions to protect trading fi...

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New Initiatives In Compliance Technology

Posted 21/06/16

Nxtera’s ground-breaking enhancements on its leading Automation and Compliance Assurance...

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Is Vendor Self-Assessment Good Enough For Regulatory Compliance?

Posted 19/05/16

Many schools experiment with student self-exams and peer assessments.  I asked a number o...

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‘Brexit’ Won’t Remove EU Compliance Mandates

Posted 04/05/16

Kay Swinburne, MEP and member of the Economics and Monetary Affairs Committee in the Europ...

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Missing call recordings? How important are they and how do you even know you’ve missed them?

Posted 27/04/16

Compliance Regulations, whether they be MiFID II, Dodd-Frank or SMR vary in complexities a...

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Maintaining Good Form for Critical Communications

Posted 21/04/16

While I was slogging away at the Gym with my Trainer I realised that to get the best out o...

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Nxtera and Wilmac Partner to Provide Voice Recording Compliance and Service Assurance Solutions

Posted 21/04/16

Nxtera Ltd., a leader in the design and delivery of automated compliance assurance softwar...

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Nxtera Unveils Next Generation Compliance Assurance Automation Platform

Posted 12/04/16

Nxtera Ltd, a leader in the design and delivery of automated compliance assurance software...

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New regulatory environment demands CCOs become ‘compliance technologists’

Posted 04/04/16

As the grace period ends for financial services firms to adhere to regulations like Volcke...

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Zen Resolutions for Compliance Management on the Trading Floor

Posted 16/02/16

It is customary at the start of each New Year to make resolutions with good intentions to ...

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European Commission confirms MiFID II delay

Posted 10/02/16

  The European Commission has confirmed a one-year delay to the introduction of new t...

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MiFID II Delayed? – Prepare Now!

Posted 10/02/16

Although the revised MiFID II securities market reforms are due to come into play January ...

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Senior Managers Regime – What You Need To Know

Posted 10/02/16

The new Senior Managers Regime and Certification Regime from the FCA will finally come int...

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The Way Media Is Consumed Today

Posted 26/01/16

It’s not easy being a broadcaster in 2016. Consumers are no longer easy to predict. Broa...

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Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary

Posted 20/01/16

Catching businesses before they fall since 2006 It’s now been 10 years of Nxtera! Ov...

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The Rising Spectre of Senior Manager Accountability

Posted 13/01/16

In June 2015, the FCA and PRA published new rules that confirmed their new focus on enforc...

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