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Missing call recordings? How important are they and how do you even know you’ve missed them?

Posted 27/04/16

Compliance Regulations, whether they be MiFID II, Dodd-Frank or SMR vary in complexities and across geographies, however one thing remains a basic constant for all. For any level of compliance, the source information and communications are critical and organisations will need to categorically know they have all the communications across all mediums including in the world of voice and recordings. 

To underpin compliance or to demonstrate best practice within their daily operations organisations need to be confident that they have recorded all their calls and/or if not, know very quickly when they haven’t. They also need to know that the quality of those calls is sufficient to be useful and admissible and then they need to also be able to retrieve those calls in a timely manner under the pressures of requests from regulatory and general counsel bodies.

Until now all of these requirements have been a very difficult challenge, with just one product, particularly in multi-vendor environments where the vendors only have their own point view. Visit to view our future of vendor agnostic, holistic compliance assurance.

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