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Boost Engineering and Compliance Outcomes via Automation

Posted 13/06/17

Queuing at Heathrow

Recently British Airways (BA) experienced a widespread failure of its IT system that disrupted flight operations in Heathrow and Gatwick airports, global call centres and its website, and resulted in tens of thousands of customers unable to travel during a holiday weekend. After first attributing the widespread outage to a power surge that damaged the IT infrastructure, BA subsequently confirmed the power outage was caused by a contractor inadvertently switching the power supply off while performing routine maintenance in a data centre.

All too often, innocent human error can adversely affect business operations which in turn can rattle corporate reputation and shareholder confidence, and can result in unforeseen financial consequences.  Technical teams and contractors are heavily relied on to perform routine functions efficiently and accurately.  When a mistake is made, the aftershock of the event often increases the burden on these individuals with incremental processes and checks, which can perpetuate complexity and introduce rather than eliminate human error.

Arming engineering resources with automation tools to replicate routine tasks and perform automated infrastructure testing during and after changes are made to the environment vastly improves the level of test accuracy during the maintenance window and the level of certainty the services are fully operational.  Generating real time notifications of test failures that pinpoint the specific error condition expedites incident management, root cause analysis and operational recovery.  Producing detailed audit reports provides evidence that the services are performing, supporting both sound business processes and compliance requirements.

Expanding automated testing via Nxtera throughout the communications services lifecycle yields further benefits, particularly in any organisation governed by regulatory or legal compliance.  In addition to safeguarding the service infrastructure, Nxtera automation supports compliance initiatives by replacing cumbersome and labour-intensive procedures to collect, manage and audit service elements, analyse user patterns, screen transactions to ensure regulatory adherence and produce legally defensible evidence.

Protecting against operational risk and associated financial and/or reputational consequences continues to be at the forefront of Nxtera’s business since 2010.  The automation suite can equally defend against innocent human error or malicious behaviour, providing operational certainty and regulatory compliance from a single common platform designed to inter-operate securely with multiple technology platforms in a critical communications environment.

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