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Verint Automated Verification

Intuitive Compliance Software changes the game for financial services and contact centres

Mitigating Multiple Regulatory Regimes

including: MIFID II , Dodd Frank , GDPR , PCI

Catching businesses before they fall since 2006

Management Team

Andrew Lamb – Managing Director

Andrew Lamb, Managing Director at Nxtera, is a Hampshire local. Residing in Lee-On-The-Solent, he started Nxtera in February 2006 after years of involvement in the networks side of the Telecommunications world. He has worked in operations, support, design, and lastly management in companies such as Racal, Global Crossing and Virgin Media. Andrew started Nxtera after seeing the need in the market for an organisation with real understanding of customer operational challenges, backed by real technological capability and agility. He sees Nxtera’s Automation Suite as a technological step-change that will be vital for financial organisations looking to adapt to regulations, but also believes it will have many use cases and adoptions currently not even considered. He’s a rugby fan outside of work, who also loves mountain biking, skiing and scuba diving.

Andrew Lamb,



 David Adcock – CTO

Dave Adcock, Operations Director at Nxtera, has been a technology innovator for over fifteen years; starting his career at the Royal Navy, before moving into a role as a lead software engineer at Datadesign. In 2004, he became a founding member of EpsosMaster, where he pioneered a software-as-a-service distributed stock control and EPOS platform, long before these concepts were common place. In 2007, he joined Nxtera as the Operations Manager and in 2010 built the very first version of our automation suite. He continues to be a thought leader in the field of automation, and, supported by a strong team of developers and analysts, is known for his pragmatic, out-of-the-box approaches to otherwise difficult problems. Away from the office, the father of three enjoys off-road driving and is a keen guitar player.

Dave Adcock,



Mission and Vision Statement

Mission Statement

Nxtera is a specialist company designing and supporting software solutions that improve our customers’ operational effectiveness and accuracy via automation and expertise.

Vision Statement

Nxtera strives to achieve global recognition as a leader in bringing innovative automated software solutions to the financial, media and call center markets that solve key business challenges.

Company Values


Our greatest asset is the relationship we have with the people in our ecosystem, including our employees, our customers  and our partners.   We seek to establish and nurture long term engagements built on trust, respect and service leading to positive outcomes.


We exercise quality in every aspect of our business from strategic planning to product development to customer service and support.  We hold ourselves and our products to a high standard in every interaction we have.


As a software company, a core tenet is to know our markets well enough to serve them today and anticipate the future where our leading edge solutions help our customers flourish in a changing landscape. We continually investigate technology advancements to add valuable functionality and improve operating efficiency.


Our employees’ well being is paramount to our ongoing success. We practice flexibility in working hours and locations and encourage our team to  maintain a healthy work-life balance while supporting the normal ebbs and flows of business.

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