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The Way Media Is Consumed Today

Posted 26/01/16

It’s not easy being a broadcaster in 2016.

Consumers are no longer easy to predict. Broadcasters can’t easily tell what time they’re going to sit down to watch TV, and how they’re going to consume it anymore.

It’s becoming increasingly harder to track what people are watching and when they are watching it thanks to the every-increasing range of mediums available. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs – they all offer a different way to consume media and this creates a big headache for broadcasters.

According to the Ofcom Media Use and Attitudes Report 2015, smartphones are now owned by over 60% of UK consumers, rising to 90% for the 16-24 age bracket.

Tablets ownership is rising by 20% year-on-year, nearing 50% this year which is four times higher than 2012. Take-up is highest among the 35-54s. 34% of women say they ‘couldn’t live without their tablet’. The most common reason to buy a tablet? ‘Entertainment’. That very much includes watching TV – around 60% of tablet owners use their device for watching AV content.

Consumers are, more and more, catching up on TV programmes on their tablets, or watching entire shows using apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime. The drastic improvement in streaming and download speed over the last few years has finally made this possible.

In fact, viewership of long for TV on an actual TV screen has declined by 13%. Now, nearly two thirds of people who are looking to buy a TV want a connect TV so they can watch what they want, when they want.

What does this mean for broadcasters?

Well, it means more complexity. It means that all programs have to be perfectly optimised for perfect streaming across all devices, at all times.

Gone are the days when a few pairs of eyes are enough to ensure everything broadcasted is good enough quality. Broadcasters now, more and more, are having to find new and innovative technological solutions for quality control and media content management.


Sources: Ofcom Media Use an Attitudes Report 2015, Ofcom Technology Tracker

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