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Nxtera Automation in motion - our current achievements since 01 January 2011

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Achieve Total Compliance With Nxtera Automation

Accurate recording of complex communication frameworks is business and compliance critical, but incredibly difficult. Voice, data, text - failure to make, keep and produce records is costing businesses tens of millions. And now with the Senior Manager Regime rolling out in the UK, individuals are accountable for record keeping and governance..

Ensuring 100% uptime of recording infrastructure is necessary, but often relies solely on manpower.

Nxtera fully automates the monitoring and testing of your communications and recording services, and provides both detailed operational confirmation and compliance intelligence in real time. It ensures all calls are recorded to policy and not a single call is dropped, then delivers all its findings via an intuitive dashboard interface. With Nxtera, you can monitor exactly what is happening and know instantly if our software finds a problem.

With current customers among some of the top global investment banks, we've got a track record of alleviating compliance stress in a marketplace where peace of mind is a rare commodity.

Introducing Verify

Nxtera’s Fully Vendor-Independent Automated Policy Enforcement Product

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Automated Peace of Mind

Assurance, compliance, consistency. It means a safety net for your business, and it means valuable resources freed up from mundane tasks in order to contribute elsewhere. It's what we offer through our suite of products Proof, Parity, Reflect, and Retrieve.

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